course 01

Hole 13, Par 3

Blue: 146m
White: 121m
Red: 99m
Index: 14
Well-decorated with colourful plants, flowers and a pond filled with water lilies, this hole is delightful to view as well as play. Be prepared to walk up a flight of zig-zagging stairs to reach the tee box. For those who end up out of breath after the adventurous climb, there is a shelter where one can take a break. From the tee box, golfers have to wary of the lily pond and thick vegetation on the left and the tall trees on the right as they try to hit the green. Three bunkers await after the green for those who hit past the green; the bunker shots need to be delicate to avoid getting into the lily pond. The green slopes right to left and putts tends to break much more thus need careful scrutiny.