course 01

Hole 16, Par 5

Blue: 547m
White: 528m
Red: 483m
Index: 2
The second toughest hole on the course is also the longest. It is difficult to reach on two for most social golfers and three solid shots are required to hit the green. Water meanders on the left all the way to green while the jungle encroaches from the right. The landing area from the tee box is narrow and thus there is a need to keep out of the water and the jungle and two bunkers flank the fairway. The right side of the fairway should be preferred for the second shot since two large trees on the left could pose problems. A water hazard emerges on the right at the 150m mark as the fairway bottlenecks closer to the green with three bunkers squeezing the approach shot into a smaller area. The undulating green needs close study before lining the putt.